About Bahar Harirod Organization

The aim of establishment and foundation of Bahar Harirod Organization (BHO) Bahar Harirod Organization (BHO) is a non-governmental and non-profit charity organization and working officially under the umbrella of Harirod Group of Companies. Registered with Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Economy, Directorate of Non-Governmental Organization on 24/06/2018 under license registration number 4479. Founded in 1993, Harirod Construction Company is a well-known company at national and international level. With the passage of time the company gained their experience in the field of construction and rehabilitation and expanded their business throughout the all provinces of Afghanistan. Keeping in view the need and requirement of our own projects and national and international honorable customers. Harirod Group of Companies established several companies which consists of:

  • Harirod Construction Company, Kabul
  •  Harirod General Ltd, Kabul
  • Harirod General Trading LLC UAE,
  •  Bayan Trading Kabul
  • Harirod Transport Company, Kabul
  • Beraderan-e-Hakimi, Construction Company, Kabul
  •  Harirod GmbH, Germany

All these companies working under the umbrella of Harirod Group of Companies

The unpredictable growth of poverty unemployment, and the daily routine of our young generation travelling illegally to other countries resulted and leading the Harirod Group of companies to establish a charity organization in order to be able to collect donations and grants from national and international organizations, private individuals and provisions of the Harirod Group of Companies projects will result to provide them self-employment to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. Keeping in view the abovementioned problems, the leadership of Harirod Group of companies established Bahar Harirod Organization to help and provide employment to our poor countrymen. 
The Bahar Harirod Organization is fully Afghan owned and has the nationality of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The statute consists of 9 chapters and thirty-eight articles, which is codified in light of the law of non-governmental organizations in order to organize the activities and the recognition of the capabilities and responsibilities of the governing bodies, as well as the establishment of discipline and maintain an accountability system for transparency of the organization.
All activities of the Bahar Harirod are non-political, nonprofit and non-governmental, and will work in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and on the basis of the statute of the organizations.     The activities of this organization are currently in Parwan Province only, and will expand its activities in future at all provinces of our beloved country Afghanistan.

The aim of Bahar Harirod Organization

  • To rebuild and build through social and development services at all levels and classes for all deprived, needy and low Income society, such as the construction of clinic centers, schools, dormitories and, if possible, mosques.
  • The provision of voluntary services in different ways, such as support and financial assistance to students and students who are capable of continuing education and training, and the formation of technical and vocational training classes, such as, Training of sewing for ladies, Training of carpentry, metalworking, wire mesh and painting works training for young jobless peoples.
  • To create job opportunities for the deprived people and reducing their incomes pressure by employing them in construction and ongoing projects.
  • To develop awareness of spiritual, social cultural and educational support for children and young jobless people to protect their rights and dignity.
  • To help elders, families without Patrons, Disabled, Elderly, and Disadvantaged Persons by distribution of Edible Ingredients, Substances, mattress and blankets at the upcoming winter season
  • To support widows, disadvantaged families with no patrons to earn their living through the free distribution of sewing machines or finding other ways of income generation.
  • To aid and facilitate marriage for poor young peoples

Target Implementation Method

  1. Appointing of dedicated and expert employees to plan and implement goals.
  2. Identify deprived and disadvantages families.
  3. Identify and collaborate with domestic and foreign business owners to invest in issues raised by the board.
  4. To establish and cooperate with public and governmental organizations for the allocation of resources and development.
  5. Preplanning and prevention of hurdles and difficulties of poor peoples.
  6. To establish offices for the collection of people’s donations.

Organizational Structures

    Position                                                           Education                                   Nos

  1. President                                                Law and Political Science            1
  2. Vice President                                        BSc, Civil Engineering                  1
  3. Admin & Finance Manager                  MSc, Civil Engineering                 1
  4. Admin Manager                                                                                             1
  5. Assistant Admin Manager                                                                            1
  6. Accounts Manager                                                                                        1
  7.  Assistant Accountant                                                                                   1
  8. Onsite Supervisor                                                                                          3
  9. Professional male Trainer                                                                            3
  10. Professional Female Trainer                                                                        3
  11. Driver                                                                                                               2
  12. Store Keeper                                                                                                   1
  13. Security Guard                                                                                                2

Machinery &Equipment

  1. Corolla Car-1
  2. Mazda Truck-1
  3. Electrical Tools and Equipment       10 set
  4. Masonry Tools and Equipment        20 set
  5. Steel Tools and Equipment               10 set
  6. Sanitary Tools and Equipment         100 set
  7. Carpentry tools and Equipment       10 set

Budget and miscellaneous funds;

The budget of the organization will be collected from the following sources:

  1. Gifts, grants and all natural and legal persons, both national and international, governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  2. Income derived from the completed works under the framework of the company statute.
  3. Income from the acquisition of legal funds
  4. Completion of works contracts as well as obtaining facilities from private and public banks.
  5. Income derived from the use of the assets of the organization in the activities of the trade and industry in the framework of the organization and the donation from the government and international personnel’s

Detail of Implemented Projects

Project Name: Sewing Skills for Women

Number of Female Teacher for Training –    120

Number of female students-                        6000

Number of Training Centers-                         50

Number of Head of Training Centers-          120

Number of distributed Sewing Machines-   360

Total Cost of Project: 5,500,000/-

Place of Performance: Districts and Center of Parwan Province,

Start and end date of the Project: 23 August 2018 to 21 Nov 2018

Current Donors: Local Business Owners

  1. Shamal Haidari Roads and Construction Company,
  2. Karim Sharifi Roads, Construction and Construction Material Production Company,
  3. Assad Safdar Construction and Construction Material Production Company.

Address and contact detail:

The head quarter of this organization is situated at Street No. 2, Qala-e-Fathullah, District No.10, Kabul Afghanistan. Mobile No. 0797797001, 07097797009, 07977970011, 0789943433, 0744062308, 0783555560. Email Address: bharirodorg1@gmail.com Bharirodorg2@gmail.com , khurasani.na@gmail.com