Capabilities Statement


Harirod Construction Company, an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, headquartered in Kabul, founded in 1993 and registered with AISA in 2002 under the laws of Afghanistan, has built a solid reputation of excellence and strong heritage of quality, stability and leadership in the marketplace. Harirod Construction Company is a full service design and construction firm and has in house capabilities to self-perform the Design and Construction work of Multiple Task Orders projects, beside these the Company also providing services in the areas of Maintenance, Trading, Transport, Ready Mix Concrete and Asphalt throughout the 4 provinces of Afghanistan such as Kabul, Parwan, Mazar and Herat.
Harirod Construction Company employs approximately 1500 full-time employees (based of work load) consisting of highly trained and skilled, professional engineers, designers, superintendents and foreman, project managers, field engineers, safety personnel, estimators, cost control engineers, accounting personnel and home office support. To date, our team has completed over 300 notable projects ranging in more than $20M. Harirod Group is one of the largest suppliers of ready-mixed concrete in Afghanistan, having 5 functional Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plants and 1 Asphalt Plant throughout the country and has the experience and knowledge necessary to manufacturing different types of concrete and owned several modern concrete mixing facilities.
Our Company has always been committed to total client satisfaction and is proud of the long-lasting relationships we’ve built with our customers. One of the reasons we continue to enjoy a significant amount of repeat business is our “Open Book Policy”. The Company provides its Owner’s full documentation for each pay application, full reporting and complete access to this information throughout the duration of our projects.
The Company has built a reputation of exceeding client expectations in regards to quality, budget and schedule. Our proven QA/QC program ensures that our projects are constructed per plans, specifications, and applicable codes while at the same time facilitating a high level of craftsmanship. This program has been successfully utilized on numerous projects totaling nearly a million of dollars of work-in-place and involving interaction with multiple subcontractors, public, government agencies, and clients. Harirod Construction Company takes great pride in our ability to fast-track our projects with extremely aggressive timelines based on our pre-planning efforts and execution of our unique pre-construction procedures.
Our project team recognizes the value of a viable safety program and takes great pride in making sure all our employees, and our subcontractors’ employees, work in a safe environment every day. Our motto is, “SAFETY COMES FIRST” and starts at the highest level within our organization. Our project team has partnered with OHSAS since 2012. Teamwork is fostered at every level. From the preconstruction and design phases to construction activities through start-up, commissioning and close-out, our project partners, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers are unified by us to realize these goals optimizing our client’s investment. Providing each team member with the tools and guidance necessary to operate within the framework of a team work environment has been our template for success. Harirod Construction Company, an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, headquartered in Kabul, founded in 1993 and registered with AISA in 2003 under the laws of Afghanistan, has built a solid reputation of excellence and strong heritage of quality, stability and leadership in the marketplace.



We are large proponents of a Design/Build delivery for its ability to enhance collaboration, maximize efficiencies and deliver a faster completion. We have been ranked number one throughout the country by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH) Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IRA). We bring professional representation to the constructed product and a single point of contact for the entire building process from planning to design and ending with construction. Our goal is to provide every Owner with the product they envisioned on time, under budget, at the highest level of quality available.

Construction Management

A construction management delivery allows us to provide increased value to our clients through our proven preconstruction programs. The ability to provide preconstruction services upfront including early estimates, life cycle costing and value analysis enables us to provide a superior facility to our client at project completion.


We have been continuously involved in the hard bid market throughout our history. This delivery method allows the client to manage the design phase of the project, bringing Harirod on board for procurement and management during the construction phase.We bring professional representation to the constructed product and a single point of contact for the entire building process from planning to design and ending with construction.


We take great pride in being a builder as well as a manager. Our self-perform capabilities bring a number of tangible benefits to our clients, including the multiple trade proficiency to adapt and make changes on the fly and the knowledge from hands-on experience to come up with potential solutions onsite as challenges arise.


Legal Business Name:                   Harirod Construction Company

Business Types:                              For-Profit Organization, Limited Liability Company

Business Address:                          House 44, Road 02, Qala-e-Fathullah Kabul Afghanistan.

Cage Code:                                       SET56

JCCS Registration Number:           80645

DUNS Number:                               850450087

MoCI Registration Number:         D-2719

Expiration Date:                             13 July 2020

Point of Contact:                            Mohammad Rafi

Telephone #                                    0093797797009

Email Address:                     


Bonding Capacity:

Single Project:                                $1-M

Aggregate:                                      $3-M

Avg Revenue last 5 years:           $10.38-M

Other Locations

Location 1:                                     201, Al Rimal Bldg, Opposite Nakheel Centre, P.O

                                                         Box: 41760,  Deira Dubai UAE

Locations 2:                                   Am Hofgarten 4, 53113 Bonn, Germany

NAICS Codes:

Primary NAICS

236220 — Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

Secondary NAICS

221 — Utilities/221320 — Sewage Treatment Facilities

236 — Construction of Buildings/236116 — New Multifamily Housing Construction (except OperativeBuilders)236 — Construction of Buildings/236117 — New Housing Operative Builders

236 — Construction of Buildings/236118 — Residential Remodelers

236 — Construction of Buildings/236210 — Industrial Building Construction

237 — Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction/237110 — Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction

237 — Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction/237120 — Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction

237 — Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction/237130 — Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction

237 — Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction/237310 — Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

237 — Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction/237990 — Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238110 — Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238120 — Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238140 — Masonry Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238160 — Roofing Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238170 — Siding Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238190 — Other Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238210 — Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238220 — Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238290 — Other Building Equipment Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238310 — Drywall and Insulation Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238320 — Painting and Wall Covering Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238330 — Flooring Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238340 — Tile and Terrazzo Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238350 — Finish Carpentry Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238390 — Other Building Finishing Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238910 — Site Preparation Contractors

238 — Specialty Trade Contractors/238990 — All Other Specialty Trade Contractors

327 — Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing/327320

486 — Pipeline Transportation/486910 — Pipeline Transportation of Refined Petroleum Products

561 — Administrative and Support Services/561110 — Office Administrative Services

561 — Administrative and Support Services/561210 — Facilities Support Services


Our past performance entails design-build and design-bid- build new construction and renovation projects throughout Afghanistan. Some of our outstanding projects completed during the year 2007 to 2016 for which we have served as prime contractor / subcontractors are highlighted below: 

  • Construction of the Terminal of the Kabul International Airport | Kabul | JICA | DNC
  • Construction Services for J611E Hangar, Project (CLIN 2 of Airfield Expansion Project) Contract /TO # 09-C-0034 | Kabul | US Embassy Annex Kabul
  • Construction Services for Housing, Buildings & Laundry Facility Oconus Compound, Contract/TO # 09-C-0015 |Kabul | US Embassy Kabul
  • Design & Construct Facilities to Support the Uniform Police Regional Headquarters, Regional Logistic Centre & stand by police battalion in Herat | Herat | US Army Corps of Engineers AED
  • Renovation of a Dining Facility at South-KAIA | Kabul | US Army Corps of Engineers AED
  • Parwan Irrigation Improvements Phase II Parwan | China Aid for Afghanistan
  • Construction of the New Ministry of Defense HQ, Kabul | ITSI Innovative Technical Solutions Inc.
  • Environmental Support Services Management (Airport Up Keeping) of Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul HKIA
  • Rehabilitation of Airfield Pavement at KIA | Kabul | World Kaihatsu Kogyo Co. Ltd Japan
  • Construction of Hospital for Communicable Diseases Kabul | Ministry of Public Health
  • Construction of Technical Teacher Training Academy (TTTA) Kabul | Kabul | Ministry of Education | KFW/PEM
  • Construction of Agriculture High School Kunduz | Kunduz | Ministry of Education | KFW/PEM
  • Construction of Technical Teacher Training Academy (TTTA) Mazar | Mazar | Ministry of Education | KFW | PEM
  • Construction of Terminal Building , Utility Building & Fire Station of Bamyan Airport | Bamyan | UNOPS
  • Construction of National Agricultural Education College Kabul | Kabul | CDI Netherland
  • Design and Construction of Residential and Office Facility for the Retired President of Afghanistan | Kabul | Office of Administrative Affairs & Council of Ministers Secretariat
  • Rehabilitation & Expansion of Aircraft Parking Aprons at Kabul International Airport Phase 2 | Kabul | TSUCHIYA Corporation, Japan
  • Construction of Engineering College | Mazar | Ministry of Education | KFW/PEM
  • Construction of Technical/Mechanical & Accounting/ Commerce College (TMAC) Taloqan | Ministry of Education | KFW/PEM
  • Design and Construction of Council of Ministers building at Qasr-e-Sapedar |Kabul |Chief Executive Office CEO|IRA
  • Renovation and Construction of Pre-Fabricated Factory|Kabul|Ministry of Urban Development MUDH


International Clients

  • German Agency for Technical Relief THW,
  • PRT Northern Lights Sweden,
  • Netherlands PRT, Mazar-e-Sharif ISAF,
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA,
  • Pacific Consultants International Japan (PCI)
  • Dai Nippon Construction Company (DNC)
  • Kitano Construction Corp Japan,
  • Chinese Aided Program (TTC)
  • Shaw CENTCOM Services LLC USA,
  • German Agency for Technical, Cooperation,
  • NCS Nordic Camp Supply Denmark,
  • US Army Corps of Engineers AED,
  • World Kaihatsu Kogyo Co. Ltd Japan,
  • CDI Netherland,
  • TSUCHIYA Corporation Japan,
  • Innovative Technical Solution
  • Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP)
  • Readiness Management Support

Afghanistan Government

  • Ministry of Defense,
  • Ministry of Interior,
  • Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation,
  • Ministry of Public Health,
  • Ministry of Public Works
  • Ministry of Education,
  • Office of Administrative Affairs & Council of Ministers Secretariat,
  • Office of the Chief Executive IRA.
  • Ministry of Justice,
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Urban Development and Housing

Local Clients

Not mentioned due to large number