Code of Business Ethics and Standards


To the Harirod Team: One of the most important factors in Harirod’s success over the past 24 years has been our strong reputation built by our great team. This has been accomplished by our commitment to building a quality product in a safe, fair, and ethical manner in full compliance with laws and regulations. It is more important than ever that we maintain Harirod’s reputation. The importance of conducting business with a strong sense of ethics and fairness is paramount to our continued success. The purpose of this booklet is to ensure that all employees are aware of the legal and ethical standards every employee is expected to maintain when conducting our business. Please read these policies carefully and incorporate them into your everyday life at Harirod. These policies should be reflected in everything we do. Harirod supports the open discussion of these policies. If you have any questions, please consult your supervisor, the Human Resources or myself.


Harirod conducts its business in strict compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations as well as the highest moral, ethical and professional standards. Consistent with these standards,Harirod andeachof its affiliated companies hasadopted the following commitments to: Emphasize honesty, fairness, confidentiality and a sense of responsibility to our subcontractors and suppliers that will enable us to be a good contractor, and understand and meet the expectations of our clients as well as the architects, engineers and other professionals with whom we work. Treat employees fairly, implementing employment practices and programs related to compensation, education, training, recreation, and health on the basis of equal opportunity for all employees. Provide safe and healthy working conditions and maintain formal programs intended to prevent work-related injuries and accidents protect each other’s privacy and conduct ourselves with the dignity and respect due all human beings. Demonstrate a commitment to corporate citizenship in the many communities in which we reside and work and to society as a whole.

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