Operation and Maintenance Services

We at HARIROD GROUP make every effort to provide Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services for the critical infrastructure, to the best satisfaction of our clients, with highest level of professionalism and dedication, through our continuous efforts in all levels of our expertise and commitment of our professional team in addition to the provision of essential services.We have years of experience, machinery/equipment and dedicated team of certified-trained technicians who provides O & M Services and support to several organization 24/7/365 basis. Our corporate support staff provides field operations with programs that ensure safety, efficient operations, training and career paths, and expert labor relations.

Our services include:

  • Maintenance Services
  • Critical Environments Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Grounds and Landscaping Services

Maintenance Services:

We are providing preventive and predictive maintenance services to the entirety from corporate office and manufacturing plants to large public venues—keeping your facility running smoothly all the time. Preventive maintenance is applied to infrastructure assets suffering light to moderate distress. It involves planned treatments that are carefully timed and cost-effective. Its aim is to forestall costly corrective action and to improve the condition of a system before a failure occurs. The case for preventive maintenance is a strong one:

– Preventive maintenance slows deterioration and increases the lifespan of an asset; – Preventive maintenance reduces life cycle costs. – Preventive maintenance enhances performance; it improves the quality, functioning and availability of a system for users. A preventive maintenance strategy is clearly indicated, but it is not so easy to formulate, implement and adhere to. A structured approach is needed. – evaluating the likelihood and impact of asset failures, customizing a maintenance strategy, assessing the asset’s current condition and creating a formal intervention plan. Quick Response– We respond quickly to repair and restore facilities after flooding, power outages and other disaster – We monitor and repair all fire and life safety systems. – We maintain your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at peak performance levels. – Our professionals take care of Plumbing, Electrical and Carpentry tasks, through our own expertise – We specialize in walls, ceilings and other surfaces, managing painting and masonry repair projects as needed.

Critical Environments Services:

Critical environment services can make or destroy your profit. We know the difference that mere minutes can make when a service interruption threatens your plant production, lab results or other vital data. Millions of dollars can be lost in a short amount of time, and because we place your bottom line at the top of our priorities, we have invested in the right people, training and systems to support your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can work with data centers, call centers, research and development facilities to avoid unplanned downtime and to minimize operational cost.

24/7 Monitoring and Control – We detect potential problems through technology and expertise in time to prevent failures from occurring. Immediate Response to Out-of-line Situations – Our expert on-site professionals are equipped to handle any unexpected incidents to prevent escalation into larger problems. Third-party Personnel Qualification Management – We ensure that all vendors and third-party personnel who need access to critical environment are qualified and trained to follow strict procedures.

Janitorial Services:

Environmental concerns and new technologies have taken commercial cleaning to a whole new level. These days, there’s much more to janitorial services than just a mop hitting the floor to keep your building clean, compliant, and sustainable. Outsourcing your janitorial services means you don’t have to worry about those things — you can focus on your business. Not only does it save you time, effort, and resources, it also gives you an efficiency edge in today’s competitive landscape. No matter your facility size, we provide hands-on, personal service. We customize janitorial services to meet the needs of property management firms, facility managers, and commercial, institutional, and industrial building owners. Our expertise in specialized facilities make your transition easy, and our proven processes and well-trained employees keep operations running smoothly. Green Clean – Our landmark green cleaning program utilizes cleaning products, tools, processes, training and support to create sustainable and healthy environments in commercial, educational, government and public buildings. Porter and Matron Services – Our professional, uniformed workers provide daytime cleaning to high-traffic areas and immediately respond to any unexpected janitorial needs. Waste Management – We reduce landfill waste, measurable reducing environmental impacts and minimizing mainstream waste disposal costs. Specialty Cleaning – We handle any unexpected challenges that might arise, including cleaning up spills and restoring workplaces to pristine condition after a flood or other disaster.

Grounds and Landscaping Services:

We believe that everyone should be able to have an outstanding looking home or space, and that every business should shine and truly represent the quality product or service that they provide. Our landscaping services and outdoor services are the best in the business. We are the leading grounds care service provider to Airports, colleges, universities, corporate campuses and public venues with extensive expertise and skill at creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes.

Paved Surfaces/Fences/Trash – We support our clients with track, fence and paved surface maintenance plans and repair records, painting, striping and new project information. Irrigation – Our team collects information to manage your landscape water usage. Your irrigation systems, maps, schedules and manufacturers’ information for parts and equipment will be leveraged to develop a plan approach. Special Events – Our team supports a variety of special functions, events and celebrations. Each client situation is unique, often needing special attention, which we can provide to minimize your planning. Snow Removal – We develop a comprehensive snow and ice control plan to meet our client’s weather conditions and facility needs.