Harirod Construction Company, founded in 1993 and registered 2002 under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, supports & executes construction projects throughout Afghanistan as Prime Vendor as well as Subcontractor.



The business evolved from its origins - which were simple, traditional construction methods. During time, the company gathered and absorbed a vast stream of diverse experience, making it one of the most versatile construction companies in Afghanistan. Nearly all types of projects are in our scope, always supported by experienced international and local staff.

As some significant projects in the past have been executed based on Joint Ventures, Harirod Construction Company re-structured their business in 2010 - resulting in a leaner company structure while keeping the same quality. And while keeping the Afghan core business as a continuous value setting it apart from the standard Prime-Sub or JV-partnerships.

Since then, large improvements in quality and capacity were the result. Several regular clients and requests for more and more complex construction show that Harirod Construction Company can keep up with the requirements the market demands, or most likely exceed it. To give an example, an 8,000 PSI concrete was produced successfully in Harirod's concrete batching plants in 2010. A strength value gained for the first time in this country while using local ingredients.



Various projects show the capabilities and attention that Harirod Construction applies to its projects. For us, well-executed projects are a reflection of good management and proper business practice.

A shining example is a security upgrade undertaken in the center of Kabul city, involving several neighbors and extremely tight available space. Harirod Construction Company as a Prime Vendor in coordination with the client overcame these issues and succeeded to design & construct what is now amongst the most well-designed protected compounds in Afghanistan.

Another shining example is the massive undertaking of constructing the new Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Kabul. This building includes over 35,000m floor space arranged within 6 levels. Harirod performs well under a very tight schedule, and provides work for up to 1,000 personnel per day in this project only, making it one of the largest construction sites in Afghanistan and probably the largest site ever in this country without employing lower-tier subcontractors.

Besides that, Harirod was selected to construct what is now the first solar power plant in Afghanistan, having an output of 250 kW and located in front of the terminal building at Kabul International Airport. This project was completed 2 months ahead of schedule which is another milestone for Afghanistan.



Before all, Harirod Construction Company hopes and prays for a bright future of its people & families in a clean, healthy and secure country. We undertake many efforts to make this still cloudy goal happen one day.


And that is why we build Afghanistan.

By values. By relationships. By commitment. By passion.