Harirod Ready Mix Concrete

Harirod Group Ready mix concrete is synonymous with high quality concrete and related products in Afghanistan since 2005. Our technology and expertise have their foundations in the long period of ownership, a premier concrete producing Group nationwide. This, with our continuing commitment to research, development and innovation in concrete technology, is evident in our pursuit of excellence and dedication. In fact, our technical team is equipped to offer consultation services and training to our customers locally and regionally. Harirod Group is one of the largest suppliers of ready-mixed concrete in Afghanistan, having 5 functional Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plants throughout the country and have the experience and knowledge necessary to manufacturing different types of concrete and owned several modern concrete mixing facilities. In addition, Harirod Group´s concrete distribution and placement equipment can serve the needs to handle any kind of construction project, from single-floor barracks up to 30-floor high rise buildings.


As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified Harirod Group shall provide quality concrete, aggregate and related services, which consistently satisfy the requirements of its customers and stakeholders. Harirod Group will maintain its Quality Policy through the total involvement of all employees. Management will provide leadership that creates a work environment where planning, performance measurement, communication and the appropriate use of research and technology are key strategies for the continuous improvement of internal and external customer satisfaction and profitability. The Quality Objectives of Harirod Group Ready mix shall be realized through the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System designed and assessed in accordance with required Standard.

Harirod Ready Mix Concrete

AS AN OHSAS 18001:2007 CERTIFIED COMPANY Harirod Group is dedicated to being a world leader in all aspects of its operations, including Health and Safety. Harirod Group has a target of zero injuries and does not accept unsafe working practices. All employees are expected to ensure zero tolerance of any practices that could result in accidents and ill health, and contribute to ensuring a safe working environment by taking the necessary measures and following the correct practices.

Best practice

HARIROD GROUP strives to eradicate work-related incidents through changing behavior and encouraging employees to ‘stop and think’ before carrying out a task.

Product safety

Harirod Group strives to ensure that the  products are safe to transport, store, handle, use and dispose of, and has produced a series of guidelines to minimize any handling risks.

Community safety

HARIROD GROUP strives to be a good neighbor and it is Group policy to safeguard equipment and facilities to ensure the safety of employees and local communities.

Mix Design:

Our engineers are testing and developing specific mix designs for your needs. Especially for larger sized projects, the influence of a carefully designed concrete can result in considerable cost savings and improved progress – providing the cutting edge you may need in order to be successful. We also provide you with detailed technical specifications according to International standards like ACI, EN, and BS in order to make the submittal process easier for you and get started quickly.

Our testing laboratory located in Kabul city serves for internal development of mix designs and quality control, and is equipped for concrete-specific tests including rheumatic devices for self compacting concrete. Harirod Group Ready-Mix has available a wide variety of mix designs for concrete products with compressive strengths from 60 PSI(Flow able Fill) to 6000 PSI, as well as a variety of specialty concrete products.

Hot Mix Asphalt Manufacturing

Harirod Group provide & supply the highest grade of hot mix asphalt (HMA) for our own use and to our many contractor customers from our plant throughout the Region. Composed of aggregate for strength and liquid asphalt as a binder, HMA offers many benefits. HMA pavements are versatile and are designed to handle different traffic conditions. HMA is economically produced and applied with minimal inconvenience to the motoring public. At the end of its lifespan, HMA is 100 percent recyclable.

Asphalt Paving

With a highly skilled team using the most  advanced technology in the industry, Harirod Group produces award-winning paving projects and sets the standard for the region of Mazar-e-sharif. As Mazar’s largest paving contractor, we have used our expertise to enhance airport runways and   taxiways, harbor wharves and container yards, interstate freeways, highways, bridges, roadways, bike paths, tennis courts, driveways, and parking lots throughout our state.

Smooth Operations

Harirod is a leader in the use of new innovations. Our paving division recently completed Mazar largest road  Asphalt Pavement project.

NARP/JICA Merit Certificate for supplying good quality Concrete to several turnkey projects  in Kabul & Mazar

Camp Phoenix Completion & Appreciation Certificate for Concrete providing of Construction of Abuzaid School Balkh Mazar-e-Sharif

DNC Certificate of Excellence for providing good quality concrete for several projects in Kabul

Guangdong Xingguang International Group Completion & Appreciation Certificate for Parwan Irrigation Project, Phase (I) & (II)

THW Certificate of appreciation for providing good quality concrete for several Projects in Mazar & Kabul

Education Directorate Appreciation Certificate for quality concrete to several projects in Kabul & Mazar -e- Sharif.

Harirod Concrete Batch Plant certified by USACE, based on Standard Specifications for Plant Mixed Concrete, such as National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), ASTM C94/C 94M, AASHTO M 157

WHY Harirod Group CONCRETE

  • A commitment to Customer Service, with the systems to ensure we can achieve that level of services.
  • Superior Technical and Problem Resolution support.
  • Access by all customers to “the right person”, to achieve a result.
  • The most modern fleet of delivery vehicles in the country.
  • On-going Product Development
  • Financially Stable Group
  • Mobile Plants to service projects in remote locations
  • Responsive to customer needs and requirements
  • 13 Concrete Pumps with friendly drivers
  • 46 Transit Mixers fully experienced drivers
  • 39 Dump Trucks with friendly drivers
  • 1 Laboratories fully equipped to enable tests within the requirements of the relevant standard.