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Procurement of Maintenance Services for Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA)

Contract No: ACAA/99/NCB/NCS-01
Company Role: Prime Contractor
Location: Kabul
Start Date: 21-06-2020
Completion: 20-06-2021
Status: On-going
Client: Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority

Complete up keeping of the terminal building areas, operational areas and operations &
preventive/breakdown maintenance of all installations/equipment in / out side the terminal building and operational areas as detailed in the bidding documents including
day to day operations & maintenance of all civil, electrical, mechanical, electronic, communication, IT Equipment etc. to maintain complete airport terminal, operational areas and associated infrastructures up to the standard of an International Airport.
Main Item

this is service project, the main item are:

  • Cleaning of all floors, airside as well landside of the airport
  • Maintaining the electrical system.
  • Maintaining of mechanical system
  • Maintaining the green area
  • Maintaining the painting of all vertical and ceiling surfaces