Renovation & Construction of Pre-Fabricated Factory, Kabul

  • Client: Ministry of Urban Development and Housing
  • Funded By: Afghanistan Government
  • Location: Kabul
  • Year: 19-08-2017 to 02-11-2017
  • Contract# MUDH/1396/161

Scope of Work:

The National Unity Government decided at a meeting of the Economic Council to rebuild the prefabricated building in a short time, situated at Qasaba, north of Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul.
While the factory was completely destroyed by civil wars, the Ministry of Housing and Development of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, under the decision of the Economic Council, took the necessary steps to rehabilitate and rebuild the factory and seek to award a contract to the best and trusted company.

After thoroughly examining all the companies and their past performances, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development decided to grant the contract for the construction and renovation of the factory a “national project” to the Harirod Construction Company through single source procurement method.

  • Repairs and Renovation of construction works of the factory, including repair and renovation of concrete grade slabs, repair of factory walls, Windows, structure, repair and renovation of the factory administration buildings, inside and outside painting works, supply and installation of toilet accessories, water supply system, water drainage, removing old prefabricated concrete roof and rebuilding of a new steel structure roof with an area of approximately 8,000 square meters.
  • Renovation of PVC windows factory, Renovation of Double gazing factory, construction of generator rooms, outer canals, roads, sidewalks including drainage system.
  • Establishing of fully equipped power plant consisting of supply and installation of 900 kW of generators, 1600 KVA Compact transformer, ATS, Capacitor Bank, High voltage connections.
  • supply and installation of a complete medium voltage cabling, electrical system of the factory, including, supplying and installing large, medium and small panel boards with capacities from 250 to 2,500 ampere with all related fixtures, including internal and external cables.
    Establishing, supply and installation, liquid gas system throughout the factory, including gas storage, its distributing system, and other necessary fixtures according to project design documents and requirements.
  • Establishing, supply and installation of a compress air system for various parts of prefabricated factory machines, with all related works and requirements according to the project design and documentation.



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