Written by info@msoft.af on March 26, 2018 in news

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday inaugurated the first prefabricated construction factory in the capital Kabul.



Inauguration Ceremony of Prefabricated Factory project

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At the inauguration ceremony, Ghani said: “My promises are not to deceive the public but these are real promises.” He said the implementation of some of his promises would take time, urging the people to be patient.

The president said that factory will bring transparency in the construction process, and it will reduce the cost of buildings being built in the country.  He said in the past, the government has provided the cost of 300 schools which have not been constructed.

Urban Development Minister Sadat Mansoor Naderi said that the factory would produce 3,000 square meters of prefabricated construction structures daily and more than a million annually.

According to the officials, the prefabricated materials would be used for the construction of schools, hospitals, clinics, and other public welfare projects.