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Contract No: TVET-II_W-03
Company Role: Prime Contractor
Location: Panjshir
Start Date: 16-12-2019
Completion: 08-06-2021
Status: On-going
Client: Technical and Vocational Education & Training Authority  (TVETA)

Construction of the Multi Trade School (MTS) in Panjshir

Scope of Work:

The MTS will be erected in Khenj District in the upper Panshjir Valley, at an altitude of appr. 2.200 m above sea-level on a plateau 8 m above the Panshjir River, not effected by floods.

The project comprises 2 major buildings:

– Construction of 2-floor building for administration in floor 1 and laboratories and workshops in floor 2

– Construction of a 3-floor building with 19 class-rooms in floor 1–3 and a multipurpose room in floor 3

The construction of several 1-floor facility buildings:

– Automotive Workshop

– Toilets male

– Toilets female

– Power house

– Water tower

– Guard house

Main design specifications are as follows:

– Earthquake resistant structural design

– RFC-skeleton

– Roof sub-structure profile steel

– Roof covering trapezium sandwich panels, slope 7°

– PVC windows

– Steel doors