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Contract No: NPA/MOPW/97/W-2137/NCB
Company Role: Prime Contractor
Location: Parwan
Start Date: 21-01-2019
Completion: 20-01-2021
Status: On-going
Client: Ministry of Public Works (IRA)


Construction of 25+600 KM 2nd Line Road Project from Bagram to Jabal Siraj-Parwan

Scope of Work:

The project Construction of 25+600 KM 2nd Line Road Project  from Bagram to Jabal Siraj Parwan Afghanistan is awarded by the Ministry of Public works through the open competitive bidding process of the NPA National Procurement Authority as a (JV) Contract to Himmel u. Papesch Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and Harirod Construction Company, Kabul Afghanistan. The work started on this project with full swing and the whole work will be complete within 24 months keeping in view the winter season.


The scope of work of this project is consist of road way re-survey, earth work (more than a million m3 of cutting and filling or embankment for road structure), asphalt work including base and sub base work, construction of more than 100,000 m3 of stone masonry retaining wall, construction of more than 155 medium and large size concrete culverts over open canals, rehabilitation and reconstruction of several open canal made of stone masonry work with concrete bed, construction of 3 large bridges over the 3 rivers (Charikar Power and Irrigation canal, Ghurband River, and Salang River)