Leadership and Management


General Manager

Mr. Mohammad Rafi Amiry

Education: B.Sc. Civil Engineering
Graduated: 1996
Joined Harirod Group: 2002
Total Work Experience: 15 Years

Mr. Mohammad Rafi Amiry,  joined Harirod Group in 2002 and provides leadership and direction for all business activities, he oversees and manages his group’s programs and project workload.

He is responsible for allocating resources, managing and securing freelancers, engaging third party vendors and partners, analyzing and recommending acquisitions, helping in developing operating policies and processes, fostering teamwork, overseeing office management, resolving issues between departments, and taking charge in crisis situations. He also supervise the overall management of all projects to ensure that the relevant project is on time, within budget and adhere to the safety and health standard with acceptable quality, planning and implementing of project work schedules and formulation of construction budgets.

He is also responsible for planning, overseeing, directing and evaluating the office’s fiscal function and performance,  taking action as needed, review profitability across client engagements and the office. He is a leader of the senior management team and advise the team on strategic business development and key corporate planning issues and make recommendations on major business decisions. He shape and develop department strategy and organization and help identify opportunities and potential threats. Encourages department leads to evaluate and take actions that are consistent with organization’s overall strategy which will lead to high performance.

Dannie E. James,
Senior Government Strategist

Mr. Dannie E. James, playing a pivotal role in the strategy department of Harirod Group of Companies and leading the team by developing and presenting strategic marketing recommendations and measures the effectiveness of marketing strategies in the short and long term.

Gathering key data that ensures strategies are well informed and laid out, as a senior strategist he knows the clients well and generates plans and ensure to bring the success to the Harirod Group of Companies products and services.

Solving problems, recommends appropriate solutions to senior management, ensure strategies are productive and generate client satisfaction. As a Senior strategists he thrive working alone and in a team setting, and help turn less experienced team members into skillful professionals.

He report company’s senior leadership, improve internal processes in operating activities. Review external factors, such as economic trends and demand levels, to determine potential sales of a product or service.

He is a graduate of Livingstone College with a Bachelor Degree in Education and Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Central Michigan University. He’s a proud graduate of the Officer Candidate School, Fort Benning, Georgia. Mr. James holds the highest level of government contracting certification as a DAWIA Level III certified Contracting Officer from the Defense Acquisition University (specializing in Acquisition and Procurement). He has held executive leadership management positions such as Lead Contingency Contracting Officer and Directorate of Contracting. With his 22 years in the military, he served as a Senior NCO and Senior Staff Officer (Retired LTC).
In June of 2002, Dannie transferred to Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) in Huntsville, Alabama where he managed the Quality Assurance Program of an Acquisition Category 1 program. He supervised the complete oversight of the production of the Interim Armor Vehicle (Stryker), a contract that was valued over $6 billion dollars. Dannie ensured proper auditing, sampling, inspecting, and process proofing of the production process and testing/accepting the Interim Armor Vehicle (Stryker).
After years of experience in the federal market Dannie analyzed who, what, when, where and how to enter and be a success in federal contracting. He leveraged relationships by interviewing “the experts” (Government Contract Representatives) to assess and evaluate his unique methodology concentrating more on the “HOW TO and WHAT IS REQUIRED”.
With over 25 years of government acquisition, Billions in government contract awards to his efforts, longstanding procurement experience and a relentless passion to help corporations succeed in the federal market, Mr. James is one of the most sought after professionals and guest speakers in the federal industry. His knowledge and passion about government contracting has taken him within international travels that have allowed him to spread his institutional knowledge abroad.

In the world of Government Contracting he is known as “The Coach”

Eng Salim

Structural Team Leader

Mr. Mohammad Salim

Education: M.Sc. Hydro Technical Structure
Graduated: 1989
Joined Harirod: 2000
Total Experience: 33 Years

Construction Team Leader

Mr. Assadullah

Education: M.Sc. Building Construction Command
Graduated: 1990
Joined Harirod: 2001
Total Experience: 26 Years

Design Team Leader

Mr. Shafiqullah Rezayi

Education: B. Tech, Civil Engineering
Graduated: 2010
Joined Harirod: 2013
Total Experience: 08 Years
safi picture

Architectural Team Leader

Mr. Abdullah Safi

Education: M.Sc Construction
Graduated: 1987
Joined Harirod: 2000
Total Experience: 30 Years

Onsite Superintendent 

Mr. Fazluddin

Education: B.Sc. Civil Engineering
Graduated: 2000
Joined Harirod: 2005
Total Experience: 12 Years

Electrical Team Leader

Mr. Niaz Ahmad

Education: B.Sc. Electricity
Graduated: 2009
Joined Harirod: 2013
Total Experience: 09 Years

QA/QC Manager

Mr. Ali Raza

Education: B.Sc. Civil Engineering
Graduated: 2005
Joined Harirod: 2017
Total Experience: 13 Years

Procurement Manager

Mr. Azmari

Graduated: 1995
Joined Harirod: 1996
Total Experience: 21 Years

HSE Manager

Mr.  Mohammad Shabir

Education: B.Sc. Civil and Industrial Construction Department
Graduated: 1986
Joined Harirod: 2007
Total Experience: 11

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Abbas Ali

Education: MBA
Graduated: 1995
Joined Harirod: 2005
Total Experience: 22 Years

HR Manager

Mr.  Nangyalai Rahimi

Education: MBA
Graduated: 2016
Joined Harirod: 2010
Total Experience: 05 Years
pic CV

IT Manager

 Abdullah Moniry

Education: Bachelor of  Science
Graduated: 2012
Joined Harirod: 2014
Total Experience: 12 Years