Chairman of the Board & President

Mr. Abdul Aziz Hakimi

Graduated: 1990
Founder of HARIROD Group: 1993
Total Work Experience: 24 Years

As the owner of Harirod Group of Companies’ Mr. Abdul Aziz Hakimi had been in the construction industry for over 24 years, 14 of them as Harirod Group’s founder and Chairman of the Board. With broad range of construction experience, as Chairman of the Board he brings the knowledge and perspective necessary to direct the development and successful outcome of every Harirod project. He charts his Group’s strategic direction, and business planning and development. He also oversees the Group’s operations and management of projects. Apart from long-term planning of the Group’s business strategy and overall direction, he oversees the Group’s succession planning. He also provides introduction to business contacts and contributes his experience and provides guidance in project management and tender submission for the Group’s various construction projects.

Apart from his role in strategic planning and development of corporate policies, he has been involved in all key aspects of the operations and business of the Group to ensure quality at both planning, design and implementation levels, including the oversight of the tendering and management processes of construction and development projects. He has also established a network of relationships with developers, customers, consultants and architects within the real estate industry.


Director of the Board & Vice President

Mr. Mohammad Saber Hakimi,

Graduated: 1995
Joined Harirod Group: 2003
Total Work Experience: 14 Years

After graduation Mr. Mohammad Saber Hakimi,  joined his own business in 2003 with Harirod Group of Companies’. He is the younger brother of Mr. Abdul Aziz Hakimi. He had been in the construction industry for over 14 years and provides strategic direction for the company while building upon the vision and values maintained within the family business for over 24 years.

He represent the company before the local authorities government and social  government departments and oversee all companies operations  as well as giving releases / appointing key personnel and terminating their service. Exercise all financial and administrative functions  in order to control smooth operations of the Harirod Group. He gained experience in all business sectors and also provides direction and leadership to Harirod Group’s project management team.

He supports the strategic growth of the Harirod Group’s operations, and drives the development and execution of its business strategies, including securing construction contracts through structuring contracts and/or partnerships with potential customers. His responsibilities also include capital management, human resources and investor relations of Harirod  Group.


Director of the Board 

Mr. Abdul Majid Hakimi,

Graduated: 1988
Joined Harirod Group: 1993
Total Work Experience: 24 Years

Mr. Abdul Majid Hakimi is the elder brother of Mr. Abdul Aziz Hakimi and  co-founder of Harirod Group of Companies and the member of Hakimi family, and had been in the construction industry for over 24 years.  He is the highest level executive and directly responsible for the operation of all the Harirod Group. He worked closely with project managers and oversee all projects day to day operations and also help in in providing leadership, setting strategy, reviewing management performance and ensuring that the human and financial resources are available to achieve objectives. His role is to execute operations to include plan refinement, construction office management, warehouse management (including construction vehicles maintenance), purchasing (procurement) and finance, construction staff assignments, vendor/subcontractor arrangements.

He oversee and manages a Construction Schedule to meet expectations for quality, efficiency and timely completion of each phase; oversees  Schedule development and tracking to ensure data is current and accurately reported. Works with CEO to determine appropriate metrics to be tracked for reporting purposes for clients, government requirements and performance goals. He also oversees all construction staff, materials and logistics, equipment, procurement and management of subcontractors, and management of special projects that may arise through partnerships.


Director of the Board 

Mr. Mohammad Aman Hakimi,

Graduated: 1992
Joined Harirod Group: 1993
Total Work Experience: 24 Years

Mr. Mohammad Aman Hakimi is the younger brother of Mr. Abdul Aziz Hakimi and  co-founder of Harirod Group of Companies and the member of Hakimi family, and had been in the construction industry for over 24 years.  He is the highest-level executive directly responsible for Harirod Group’s entire security function. He believes that the security and health of its employees and contractors are fundamental responsibilities. He ensure that the  project management act in accordance with the principles and policies of Harirod Group and support the philosophy that security and loss prevention must integrated in all company activities. He strictly apply these policies issued by the management of Harirod Group and  check regularly their security officers, in charges and related staff to ensure the smooth operation of the entire Group.

Liaise with civil law enforcement agencies (police, army etc.) and keep all security officers informed on important security issues. He is also the public spokesperson for all information security-related company issues. To strengthen security initiatives, he creates and maintains good channels of communication and support across various departments. He also create digital security management programs and prioritize security initiatives and issues.