Design-build Construction of the South Kabul International Airport (SKIA) Dinning Facility Renovation for ANA – Kabul

Contract #: W5J9JE-10-P-0267
Client: Ministry of Defense (IRA)
Funded: US Army Corps of Engineers AED
Year: 2010 – 2011

Scope of Work:

For the Afghan National Army, Harirod renovated a Dining Facility located at South KAIA. The contract was awarded to Harirod by the US Army Corps of Engineers in Kabul. This project proved to have some delicate challenges, as it was located within an existing and fully operational Army base, therefore, the dining facility was in use
during construction.

Ways had to be found in order to accommodate the 1,200 personnel being served in that facility each day. The renovation encompassed a complete exchange of all interior finished, doors, windows, and utility systems. Especially important was the electrical system: this had to be replaced to an all new EMT conduit surface mounted system, to include a Manual Transfer Switch and hookup to the existing Army base power system.  Furthermore, a subsurface leach field was incorporated, and precast Grease Separators were built. Most challenging of all was the redesign and construction of the wood fired cooking stoves – these had to be connected via a stacked exhaust with cold air induction to increase the pressure difference. Moreover, locally produced cast iron plates were used to provide a tough basis for the ANA personnel to cook their meals on. Finally, the project was executed professionally, on schedule and within the required specifications.