Construction of Building 100 Ministry of Defence (MOD) HQ, Kabul, Afghanistan

Sub Contract #: 5491.07031.3517
Client: Ministry of Defense (IRA)
Funded By: Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE) Innovative Technical Solutions Inc.
Year: 2011 –  2013

Scope of Work:

The Ministry of Defense Headquarters in Kabul is currently the largest single building in Afghanistan. Therefore, Harirod is very proud that ITSI selected us for construction of this massive building. Extremely tight schedules had to be met in order to complete the building within the desired timeline delivered by the client.

Main accomplishments Harirod reached were:
· Mobilization of 250 personnel within 2 weeks
· Incorporation of a fast track schedule, and getting the project back to original schedule within 8 weeks
· Supply of estimated 30,000 sqm formwork and associated propping
· Peak labor amounts of 950 personnel per day